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3 Június 2020 Kawasaki offers four model MULE range for 2021

A leading player in the Utility Vehicle sector with an enviable record for the durability of its products, Kawasaki is set to offer four variants of the MULE brand in 2021.

In both SX and PRO guise, the entire range is offered in the familiar Timberline Green livery and feature specifications and dimensions inherited from the line up currently on offer within Kawasaki’s highly experienced commercial dealer network.

Built to work – and work hard – each MULE in the range meets or exceeds the target specification for a number of applications from use on small family farms to shooting and sport gaming use and commercial enterprises such as airports, outdoor large scale maintenance, forestry and building site work.

Able to get into and manoeuvre around the tightest spots, the MULE SX 4x4 is the smallest MULE on offer in 2021 making it a so-called “entry level” machine but without any reduction in its specification or working ability compared to its peers. A 401cc air-cooled power-plant sips petrol in a miserly fashion yet provides enough instant urge to make full use of its four-wheel-drive capabilities.

On the next rung of the MULE ladder is the first of three PRO machines, the PRO-MX. Pleasing pick-up truck styling initially impresses and that positive impression is underlined by strong towing ability, quad headlamps and such conveniences as an automotive type dashboard and hinged doors creating a relaxing working environment that is suited long days of use.

Chief among the stand-out features of the two MULE range toppers is the convenience offered by electrically selectable 2- and 4-wheel drive.  Large volume cargo beds feature on both machines as do LED headlights and true heavyweight towing ability.

Adding a final finishing touch to the 2021 MULE range – as well as an element of versatility missing on rival machines – the MULE PRO-DXT is able to convert from a single driver/passenger bench seat to having a second row of seating within a few seconds while still retaining a useful load bed capacity.

The coming year is set to offer many challenges for users of commercial vehicles and forefront in their minds will be the twin issues of all-round reliable versatility and suitability for role both of which any of the new 2021 four model Kawasaki MULE utility vehicles will excel at.