KX250 50th Anniversary Edition

The KX250 motorcycle is the championship-proven machine we built so you can be next. Be the
next champion. Be the next hero. Be the next legend. On the KX250, your time is now.
Featuring: More Powerful 249cc 4-stroke engine. Front and rear suspension setting
updates contribute to improved cornering. New Tyre Pattern and larger Rear
Tyre offer increased traction to match the engine’s increased power.


249 cm³ Lökettérfogat

Lime Green


  • Lime Green Lime Green


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The front number plate features an anniversary emblem.

The outlines of the “K” and “X” letters in the logo were reproduced using the original, hand-drawn designs from 1990.

White number-plate style graphics on the side covers mark a return to the white number plates seen on KX models since the series began in 1973 through 2019.

Fork guards and rear brake caliper guard are made with noncoloured plastic. The fork guards are Lime Green on the current model, and the caliper guard is black, but both are now a natural white colour.

Upper and lower triple clamps and wheel rims are now silver, changed from the current model’s black.

The Uni Trak logo’s original outline and colours have been reproduced, and the logo is located on the swingarm.