Z650 50th Anniversary Performance

Resplendent the Firecracker Red of 1980’s Z-GP models, the 50th Anniversary Z650 represents a
unique chance to own a machine in the mid-capacity class that Kawasaki pioneered. Dark
blue and silver highlights accentuate the vivid red colour scheme and, like
earlier models, the “Z” emblem and Kawasaki logo are finished in gold. Add
silver pinstriped red wheels, new seat cover material plus the
commemorative “Z 50th” front fender logo and special becomes
“must have”. The Z650 Performance comes with a large smoke
meter cover, a gel tank pad, a colour coded seat
cover plus the sporty sound and extra
performance of an Akrapovic full exhaust


649 cm³ Lökettérfogat

50.2 kW {68 LE} / 8,000-es fordulaton Maximális teljesítmény (EU Spec)

Firecracker Red


  • Firecracker Red Firecracker Red


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Akrapovic Sports Exhaust

Akrapovic Sports Exhaust

Akrapovic full exhaust system with catalyst and titanium muffler. This system is 2,15kg lighter compared to the stock exhaust system and gives a pure sporty sound. A combination of racing materials like titanium for the muffler outer sleeve and carbon fibre end cap give this exhaust system a racing touch.

Pillion Seat Cover

Pillion Seat Cover

Stylish colour coded seat cover to enhance the bike's racy lines. With 2 rubber support pads. Replaces the passenger seat.

Smoke Meter Cover

Smoke Meter Cover

Smoke meter cover for improved protection and a sporty look. 10cm wider and 5cm higher than original.

Tank Pad

Tank Pad

Gel resin tank pad in black and chrome with Kawasaki logo.


Z650 Performance 2023
Z650 Performance