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The official Kawasaki Racing Team has an enviable recent record in WorldSBK competition, with six teams’ Championships and seven riders’ titles secured in just over a decade. Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR machinery has been the base for all these impressive statistics but even in a new-look 2024 season, in terms of both personnel and machine specifications, the thirst for more success continues.

Based in Granollers in Catalonia Kawasaki’s official WorldSBK effort is supported directly by the racing department of KMC (Kawasaki Motors Corporation) in Akashi, Japan. The Provec Racing concern runs the logistical and trackside operations of KRT, collaborating with KMC and the team’s important technical partners to maximise the capabilities of the multiple championship-winning Ninja ZX-10RR in WorldSBK trim.

The feedback gathered and examined by the team after racing and track testing is then fed back to Japan to help Kawasaki develop the road going Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR models.

WorldSBK has its roots fully planted in the rich soil of flagship production machinery, so much so that KRT and KMC engineers take road specification Ninjas that anyone can buy in their local dealer to start to build a true championship challenger.
This painstaking work, based on the result of previous seasons’ experience and development tests carried out all through each year, takes a significant level of logistical and management input to ensure that all the racing and testing commitments are concluded smoothly and in an orderly fashion ‘in the field’.

This year in particular, new regulation changes will allow the official KRT machine to gain some desirable extra engine revs, while reducing the overall engine inertia. Chassis and suspension improvements are also part of the final technical mix. But this fresh on track potential can only be proven on track after the exhaustive business of testing and development has been carried out by KRT and KMC, both before and during the 2024 season. A change of riding line-up has brought about some other changes of personnel under the general KRT umbrella, making this a particularly exciting season for all involved.

Having the confidence to compete against their biggest rivals on-track at the highest level of production-derived global racing once again is a boost to Kawasaki fans on every continent, giving them an exciting point of focus and a degree of personal investment in WorldSBK racing, whether they watch via a screen at home or live at the trackside. Kawasaki Racing Team - KRT to friends and rivals alike - is a vital part of the continuing legend that is the famous Kawasaki brand.

Like every year, KRT will be in the vanguard of those WorldSBK competitors with ambitions to challenge for top honours, from the first round in February to the last round in October.

manager / staff

Guim Roda Team Manager
Katsuhiro Yanagawa KMC Racing Guru
Silvia Sanchez Team Coordinator
Txell Baró Graphic Designer
Eva Blanquez Communication Manager
Albert Cabestany Medical Coordinator
Ruben Coca Parts manager
Danillo Casonato Bassani engine engineer and electronics
Arnau Cintero Chef
Sander Donkers Lowes engine engineer and electronics
Marcel Duinker Bassani Crew Chief
José Fernandez Showa Suspensions technical
Mattia Fontana Test & Spare 22 Bike Mechanic
Alvar Garriga Technical Manager
Javi Gonzalez Showa Suspension technician
Raul Guzman Engine responsible hardware
Carla Heredero Hospitality Manager
Christophe Lambert Electronic engineers and data coordinator
Arturo P. Marcet Lowes Chief Mechanic
Paolo Marchetti KRT - KST
Florian Marino Test Riders & Lowes rider performance analist
Sara Nialet Test bike mechanic
Marc Pannon Bassani Mechanic
Luca Pasqualotto Bassani Assistant
Chema Porrua Test bike mechanic, structure and truck driver
Mathildé Prévost Akira Engine engineer
Aron Puerta Lowes Chief Mechanic
Paul Raurell Lowes Mechanic
Pere Riba Lowes Crew Chief
Biel Roda Marketing Manager
David Ryan "Rocky" Lowes Assistant
Mara Soto Lowes Tyres mechanic
Ignasi Tamburini Bassani Tyres Mechanic
Max Valls Truck Driver Hospitality