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4 Június 2024 2025 KLX230R S: Get out and play

For riders who want a fun-to-ride off-roader that will take them anywhere they desire, the KLX230R S is up to the task
Retaining much of what has made the original KLX230R popular since its introduction in 2020, the updated 2025 S model now comes with the added owner security of a key based ignition and delivers a larger fuel 7.6L fuel tank (moving from plastic to steel) for longer off-road enjoyment.
An improved seat subframe coupled to a lower and more comfortable seat and updated aggressive KX-inspired styling places it in line with other models in Kawasaki’s off-road lineup. The redesigned rear subframe traces a lower line and, though the seat height is lower, front and rear wheel travel remain the same as the previous model while thicker seat cushioning offers increased ride comfort. The thicker 80 mm seat (+6 mm) offers increases ride comfort
while its new shape offers a wider seating area than the previous model for a more comfortable ride.
The addition of a balancer to the popular electric-start six speed 233 cm3 Single engine offers added smoothness and tractability with new ECU setting and a narrower intake port and smaller intake valve (ø37 mm >> ø33 mm) for 2025 contributing to ease of use in the low-mid range. Paired to the engine is a chassis that has been fine-tuned through Kawasaki test rider feedback for the ideal engine-chassis balance. 
Delivering a fun off-road riding experience is a lower seat height for the S model at 875mm plus long-wheel-travel suspension (250 mm front and 217mm rear) are joined by excellent ground clearance at 270 mm making riding trails a joy. Ideally-suited front and rear wheel sizes (21”/18”) give the KLX230R S sure-footed handling over a variety of surfaces and a steeper rake (caster angle) (26.5° >> 25.4°) contributes to light handling.
Finally, the short 1,375 mm wheelbase contributes to the bike’s easy, manoeuvrable handling.
At the rear, new Uni Trak rear suspension settings offer ample wheel travel for a planted feel and excellent bump absorption.  The springs and damping settings used are harder than those of the KLX230 model plus front and rear wheels now feature bead stoppers, which allow lower tyre pressures to be used.
Other adjustments to the ergonomics include handlebars set 25 mm further forward to match the lower seat height, offering the rider excellent control. Additionally, the footpegs are 9mm further to the rear to idealise the riding position. And in terms of styling, the updated fuel tank, shrouds and side covers of the KLX230R S closely resemble the latest KX450 and KX250 for a strong family feel.
2025 model year colour: Lime Green