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31 Május 2024 Elektrode charges to next level for 2025

Following in the silent wheel tracks of the original Elektrode, the latest and larger model in the expanding family will be available in Europe for the 2025 sales season.
The Elektrode 20 is a variant of Kawasaki's first electric balance bike, the Elektrode 16, following the development concept of "My First Fun to Ride".  Now with 20-inch wheels, the target age range has also increased to include adults allowing more riders to experience the off-road fun that powered two wheelers can bring while delivering Kawasaki's 'Fun to Ride' spirit.
Targeted at those is not yet ready to ride an off-road motorcycle or do not have the environment locally to ride one in, the Elektrode 20 is ideal for use at suitable off-road parks or campgrounds with the necessary facilities and permissions*.

In its striking characteristic Kawasaki lime green and black livery, the Elektrode 20 is powered by a combination of a 48 V/10.2 Ah (489.6 Wh) battery linked to an in-wheel motor rated at 750w; a substantial increase over the Elektrode 16’s motor which is rated at 250w.  With the facility to charge – via the charger and charging lead plugged into the battery housed on the frame diagonal tube – zero to full charge in four hours with 90% of charge delivered in just three hours.

Offering three selectable speed modes riders can “tune” the performance to suit their skill and requirement from Low, Mid and High with the comfort of long riding sessions. A full hour of riding is possible in High mode and longer periods at the lower speed ratings are possible according to rider weight, terrain and usage.

The large MTB type tube frame accommodates a telescopic front fork, manual cable type front and rear brakes (operated by left and right handlebar levers) and 20 inch (50.8cm) front and rear tyres. And, in order to accommodate as many rider heights as possible, the seat offers a generous 143mm of height adjustability. It even has a front KX style “number board” to further reinforce its off-road looks and personality!

Thanks to its KX off-road inspired design - coupled with the use of the evocative Kawasaki lime green colourway - the Elektrode 20 is sure to set the pulses racing of not only those who are ready to leave the smaller Elektrode behind but also parents and family members who won’t be able to resist the ease of operation, performance, endurance and fun offered by Kawasaki’s latest all electric off-road offering.

2025 model year colour: Lime Green

*Please check product availability and usage legislation in your country of residence.